Slender & Strong

I love how slender and yet strong Doutzen’s body is in the ad.  To me, this is fitness as it’s meant to be.

Active, healthy, beautiful, and very very strong.

Over the past months I’ve been doing a lot more strength training with a heavier weight than normal.  It’s a common misconception that a woman with an ectomorph body type doesn’t have problem with gaining weight or having fat.  But oh do we ever!  And personally, with my genetic tree, we look WORSE when we gain fat because it really really shows on our tiny frames.

So… what can help with not becoming what people call “Skinny Fat?”

Weight training, cardio that is more plyometric (jump roping, etc.), avoiding all the “white” foods for periods of time (sugar, dairy, breads, pastas, rice, etc.).  These are the crucibles of what produces this particular, extremely lean yet not “too thin” look.

It’s definitely my goal to attain this, and it’s FUN 😀