For Leg Day – Sculpting the Perfect… You Know What!

by Stephanie


This girl is so cute, and redheads are just gorgeous.  Enjoy the video about sculpting the perfect butt!  She’s got a lot of great information.


Phew!!!!!  I am EXHAUSTED recently.  I can barely type, I have like… no energy.  We’ve been training hard since the beginning of January pretty much, and it’s been awesome.  HOWEVER, since I’m curious… and kind of determined sometimes… I decided to try out the keto diet I wrote about earlier.  You know… the one where zero carbs are allowed, the one my fitness ladies said came in last place on the best diets for 2018.

Yea… that one.


My curiosity may have gotten the best of me this time around.  I’m dying.  I almost passed out (started to black out!) after doing the stairmaster.  And my husband thinks the diet sucks (he’s not doing it – I’d never do that to him LOL… he’s just watching in sympathy and some amusement).

So needless to say, dizziness, low blood sugar, and less productive workouts are normal on this diet.  Your body, even after it’s adjusted, is not able to make ATP-energy.  That burst of energy sprinters use and weight lifters.


So… I’ll go back to confusion, light-headedness… trying to workout without passing out, kind of “health.”