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by Stephanie

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Random Girl Ready for the New Year!

Well, it’s that time of year again, we usually put our gym on “hold,” over the summer, because we just don’t use it enough during those months to justify paying it (and it saves us money)!  With homeschooling in the Fall, I just couldn’t get my head around doing both the gym every morning AND classes at the same time.  Now that it’s the Spring semester and I’ve gotten better at teaching and balancing life overall, we thought we’d add the gym routine back in, too.

I love going to the gym every morning with my husband.  We’ve actually been going to the exact same gym (off and on) for over 10 years now.   It is surreal the memories I have, almost like flashbacks.  Recently, when we were playing on the basketball court with all our kids, I suddenly remembered when my husband and I were doing that back when I was 21 and it was just the two of us.  How things have changed!  And yet, we’re still playing together on the basketball court, and still so deeply in love.  Having our kids around us really does bring so much pleasure – a kind of enjoyment that’s hard to describe – but it represents almost what we’ve accomplished since then in a way.  We’ve built this family together… and we’re still loving… still playful.

For all the hardships that come with my husband’s kind of afternoon to late-evening schedule, having that time in the morning with him to be able to go to the gym together, is a treasure.  Our son loves it so much more now, too, with not being in normal school.  It’s also great for newborn care, as he lets me sleep in 3-4 or even 5 HOURS to make up for the lack of sleep at night (as I’m the only one who does the night care).  This makes having a newborn almost a breeze… I wake up feeling like a new person! 😀

It’s a good set-up in that way (bad in other ways of course, but you know), however changes are on the wind, and we’ll see what’s to come.

For now as far as workouts go, we’re both heavily into HIIT training routines, mostly cardio with intervals of sprinting at an incline and heavy resistance.  It is not for the faint of heart!  Working out can and should be fun, and it is when you’re in shape LOL, but we really aren’t right now, at least not where we want to be.  These workouts are gruesome and painful, but since it’s only in short intervals of 2 min “climbing/sprinting” 2 min “running with wide strides (which feels like a relief!),” 30 minutes goes by extremely fast and it’s over before you know it.  Then we weight train each day.

It. Is. Intense!

Why do we love interval training?

I remember doing intervals in sports, and I just loved them!  I felt so much faster when I had been interval training, and it actually does build up speed overtime.  But the reason why we do these kinds of workouts is mostly because High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been proven over and over again to be the best workout for burning the most calories, and for fastest fat loss.  It’s just not the same as 30 minutes of cardio going at the same speed.  Interval training burns through calories faster, and the bonus is that I swear it makes the time go by quicker.  Remember though, for dietary needs, my research last year found out that the Keto Diet was NOT recommended for HIIT workouts, sprinting, or heavy strength training.  You just don’t have enough ATP reserved for explosive energy when on the Keto Diet in order to perform well doing these kinds of exercises.

It’s almost 10pm here, going to sleep in order to repair muscles and lose fat 😀  Good night and hope you make this year a great year for your fit life!