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Keto Expert Explains Why Women Can’t Really Eat “Keto Diet” All Month

I thought this was an interesting find.  So apparently, even the Keto experts are claiming now that for women, the keto diet falls short of supporting our feminine hormones.

In the video, Leann Vogel, whose written a best selling book on the Keto diet, claims that for most women we just cannot eat a true keto diet the entire month long.  Instead, it’s more like 7 days, or a little more if you’re lucky.

Yes, you read that right… this is an expert on keto claiming that women can only really eat a true keto diet staying below 20 grams of carbohydrates and eating excessive amounts of fat (above 100 grams), for about 1 week out of the month.

For the other weeks she recommends a more “paleo-style” plate with paleo carbs such as sweet potatoes and such, and even on the more “ketogenic” days, adding up to 100 carbs and lowering the fat intake.

This is pretty much what I found out about a year ago when I started really researching this new fad diet, which models closely the Atkin’s diet (although with a ton more fat consumption, and more veggies and fiber).

Unfortunately for Keto Advocates, women need carbs to support our hormones, this puts the fad-dieters into a dilemma.  This is the problem Leann Vogel claims to have “solved,” for women, except ironically (or hilariously) the solution is a completely different diet (Paleo)!

Check out one of her older videos where she reveals all the problems women can have while on this diet (that can be remedied by going more Paleo and breaking from the Keto-fad):

In this last video, she even at one point says that sometimes there’s a problem with the program you’re following.

So again… to recap 😀  This is a Keto Expert admitting there is a problem with the base amount of carbs women should have in a keto diet, and is advocating for women to follow a completely different diet for about 3 weeks out of the month!

Am I the only one who thinks this is hilarious?  😀

3 Healthy Carbs You Should Be Eating in Your Diet to Lose Fat

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I love knowing that the world of food and nutrition provides us so many healthy options.  Like I’ve said on this site before, I’m all about balance in your nutrition.  I believe cutting out entire food groups just because you feel it helps you “lose fat,” isn’t productive or very sustainable longterm.  I know that humans can eat a balanced diet of healthy carbs, proteins and fat and still stay healthy.

If you’ve been hooked by the low carb – high fat crowd though, you’re likely not going to believe what I’m going to tell you in this post.  The sad thing is that your low-carb gurus are literally banking on you not being aware of things I’ll tell you in this post.  It defeats a Keto-diet guru’s purpose (and financial future) for you to be aware of how eating carbs can actually help you also lose fat without having to subscribe to their extreme diet plan.  They really want you to believe carbs are your enemy, because they “prevent” you from losing fat.

Here are 3 kinds of carbs you should be eating in your balanced diet not only because they help you burn fat, but they’re also nutritious for your body’s overall health longterm.

Sweet Potatoes

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These are one of the super foods everyone should technically be trying to add into their diet – just because it’s so much health in every single bite!!  Here are the nutrients inside your magical sweet potato:

  • Vitamin A – for good vision, clear skin, anti-aging, and boosts your immunity
  • Vitamin B6 – the energy vitamin that also helps maintain a good metabolism
  • Vitamin C – boosts your immunity
  • Carotenoids – anti-oxidants that prevent your food from being turned into fat by stabilizing your blood-glucose levels and lowering any insulin resistance


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Since we live in Texas, it’s hard for me to picture going for more than a week without adding beans into our weekly diet.  And no wonder, they are SO beneficial to your body’s longterm health by lowering your LDL’s (bad cholesterol) and improving your systolic blood pressure (the number that is best at showing your risk of heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure, and stroke)!

They also help you burn fat because they are a resistant starch (which is the next on the list!).


Resistant Starches (Cooked & Cooled Method)

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Have you ever wondered why things like spaghetti noodles, mashed potatoes, or any kind of pasta in general, never seem to taste the same after they’ve cooled in the fridge and become leftovers?  Because I’m nerdy, this used to bother me a lot.

Well… if you’re like me and you’ve wondered why these kinds of carbs taste like they have a completely different texture after being refrigerated, you were right to wonder!

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Carbs like pastas, potatoes, even rice and beans, actually physically and chemically change in texture and composition when they are cooked and then refrigerated.  They become what is known as a “Resistant Starch,” in the cooling process.

Resistant starches resist digestion, which actually promotes fat oxidation and burns that very stubborn and difficult to lose belly fat!

Resistant Starches to try:

  • Potatoes (try Yukon Gold or the small red potatoes)
  • Cooled spaghetti pasta
  • Cooled rice

But do you absolutely have to eat them cold to keep them fat-burning?

No, you don’t actually!  Here’s a great article on how even reheating resistant starches seems to increase their positive effects on blood-glucose levels ❤

So go ahead, and eat some cooked-then-cooled/reheated spaghetti, totally guilt free. 😉