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3 Healthy Carbs You Should Be Eating in Your Diet to Lose Fat

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I love knowing that the world of food and nutrition provides us so many healthy options.  Like I’ve said on this site before, I’m all about balance in your nutrition.  I believe cutting out entire food groups just because you feel it helps you “lose fat,” isn’t productive or very sustainable longterm.  I know that humans can eat a balanced diet of healthy carbs, proteins and fat and still stay healthy.

If you’ve been hooked by the low carb – high fat crowd though, you’re likely not going to believe what I’m going to tell you in this post.  The sad thing is that your low-carb gurus are literally banking on you not being aware of things I’ll tell you in this post.  It defeats a Keto-diet guru’s purpose (and financial future) for you to be aware of how eating carbs can actually help you also lose fat without having to subscribe to their extreme diet plan.  They really want you to believe carbs are your enemy, because they “prevent” you from losing fat.

Here are 3 kinds of carbs you should be eating in your balanced diet not only because they help you burn fat, but they’re also nutritious for your body’s overall health longterm.

Sweet Potatoes

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These are one of the super foods everyone should technically be trying to add into their diet – just because it’s so much health in every single bite!!  Here are the nutrients inside your magical sweet potato:

  • Vitamin A – for good vision, clear skin, anti-aging, and boosts your immunity
  • Vitamin B6 – the energy vitamin that also helps maintain a good metabolism
  • Vitamin C – boosts your immunity
  • Carotenoids – anti-oxidants that prevent your food from being turned into fat by stabilizing your blood-glucose levels and lowering any insulin resistance


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Since we live in Texas, it’s hard for me to picture going for more than a week without adding beans into our weekly diet.  And no wonder, they are SO beneficial to your body’s longterm health by lowering your LDL’s (bad cholesterol) and improving your systolic blood pressure (the number that is best at showing your risk of heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure, and stroke)!

They also help you burn fat because they are a resistant starch (which is the next on the list!).


Resistant Starches (Cooked & Cooled Method)

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Have you ever wondered why things like spaghetti noodles, mashed potatoes, or any kind of pasta in general, never seem to taste the same after they’ve cooled in the fridge and become leftovers?  Because I’m nerdy, this used to bother me a lot.

Well… if you’re like me and you’ve wondered why these kinds of carbs taste like they have a completely different texture after being refrigerated, you were right to wonder!

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Carbs like pastas, potatoes, even rice and beans, actually physically and chemically change in texture and composition when they are cooked and then refrigerated.  They become what is known as a “Resistant Starch,” in the cooling process.

Resistant starches resist digestion, which actually promotes fat oxidation and burns that very stubborn and difficult to lose belly fat!

Resistant Starches to try:

  • Potatoes (try Yukon Gold or the small red potatoes)
  • Cooled spaghetti pasta
  • Cooled rice

But do you absolutely have to eat them cold to keep them fat-burning?

No, you don’t actually!  Here’s a great article on how even reheating resistant starches seems to increase their positive effects on blood-glucose levels ❤

So go ahead, and eat some cooked-then-cooled/reheated spaghetti, totally guilt free. 😉



French Women Don’t Get Fat

I’ve always loved French culture… the way they typically don’t brush their hair even when it’s long… the obsession with skincare… their apothecaries where you can find beauty treasures not available anywhere else!

And… the way they eat!

French women eat carbs!  They enjoy breads and pastries!  They drink wine!

They eat dark chocolate and have dessert!

And yet they typically are well known for not getting fat.

There’s even a book out from years ago (no I haven’t read it – I should!) with this title, “French Women Don’t Get Fat!”

This video explores some of the ways they keep fit into old age ❤  So sweet!  And it’s mostly common sense stuff.  Nothing too hard or difficult to manage.

And the cute way they talk about staying fit, is as if it’s just part of daily living.  And it IS for them.

All it takes is moderation, or knowing your body well enough to understand when you need to “take the stairs” as they say.

When your pants start to feel tight, it’s time to ramp up your exercising, and cut back a little.  They do this on their own as a way of monitoring their weight and staying fit and thin.  No strange, difficult diets, no cutting out desserts or breads, just plain old exercising and eating fresh (not processed), homemade foods and desserts along with their healthy foods (proteins and veggies), too.

Here’s to french desserts, en modération😉

Bon appétit!



Sweet Potato Mash

This is one of the healthiest sides that is also conveniently easy to make and delicious enough your kids will eat it!

We try to do sweet potato fries also, which taste incredible!  But the mash is a good side dish for normal meals of chicken and vegetables, etc.

Here is the recipe I made tonight:

Last Trimester – It’s Almost Over!!!

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I’m not naturally a thin or “fit” woman.  That may come as a shock when seeing how I am in *this* particular picture, but pretty much all my life I’ve struggled with being able to gain weight extremely easily.  The benefit of that has been finding multiple ways to make it easier to maintain a good shape and keep healthy though!  According to my sweet 1/2 Polish, 1/2 Irish grandmother, for the women in our family, it was normal to gain weight with pregnancy, and then just never manage to get control over it after that.  Being very overweight after having kids was just accepted for them… but not really.  It wasn’t accepted emotionally… and definitely not with any kind of happiness.  In a major way, it’s like living defeated.

bikini 2015

My mom was so good about letting me know how hard it was to live with excess fat on your body weighing you down… literally.  The way she explained it when I was a little girl, was that it felt like carrying around sacks of potatoes and trying to actually do life that way.  Recently, when my oldest (6) son and I were out buying some supplies for his new little kitten, I had the chance to really demonstrate this lesson to him about weight gain and how awful it is.

We needed to get kitty litter, and so went to the aisle where it was stored and I let him look around at the different kinds and showed him the prices and weights to find the best deal.  When we settled on a 25 lb box, I picked it up and placed in on the floor and asked him if he’d like to see how heavy 25 pounds is by trying to carefully lift it off the ground.

He was excited and was amazed how heavy it was to lift!  It was easy to explain to him after that how being overweight by even just 25 pounds is literally carrying that amount strapped to your body all over, making your life that much more unpleasant and difficult.

This is a major part of why I don’t like pregnancy – and especially the last trimester of it when you start truly gaining and growing bigger!  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE having babies, and I love feeling the baby kick and roll over inside me, but dealing with the weight gain and nausea and feeling like a bowling ball is trapped inside your gut throwing you off balance… yea, it’s just not something fun or easy to go through LOL.  Thank goodness it’s only for about these last 3 months when it’s really that hard.

I’m at 30 weeks now, only about 7-8 more to go!!

Looking forward to giving birth and getting active again immediately!  With both of our prior babies I healed insanely fast from the c-sections, and was able to walk (which helps you heal faster actually) only a few hours after the surgeries, and feel almost normal 2 weeks afterward.  Being strong and fit throughout your pregnancy is so necessary for things like this!  And if you’re having a c-section, make sure you get up and walk and be a little active as soon as they allow you to.  

38 weeks pregnant

Yea… I don’t know about you, but to me, this just LOOKS painful to be protruding that hugely, LOL!!!  This picture above was me at 38 weeks pregnant with baby #2, just a few days before he came out.  I look almost just as big right now, maybe a tiny bit smaller.

This next picture is right at 6 months after baby #2… I was basically eating very “clean,” almost a keto type of diet concerning the actual food choices (but not actually following keto), and working out 3-4 days a week to the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis DVD set which focuses on dance workouts and intense pilates mat workouts to tone and define muscles.

6 mos after nathan

So… all this to say… just because you have bad genetics and every woman in your family struggled and could never lose the baby weight after getting pregnant, it just doesn’t have to be your story too!

We have so much more information now that they sadly didn’t have 😦 , like how much you really should gain for pregnancy… what kinds of foods to eat that alter your pH balance or that could cause you to flair up with inflammation, how to recognize and diagnose allergy sensitivities, and on and on and on.

You can do it!  You can get the body you’ve always wanted!  All it takes is the desire and knowledge of how to get there.




Why “The Fit You” Matters in 2017


So many women live their daily lives walking around feeling sad and depressed about the bodies they’re living in.  Let that statement sink for a little while.  Horrible isn’t it?

Whether they’re carrying around too much weight for whatever reason or feeling awkwardly thin, it breaks my heart that so many women seriously hate their own bodies.

I don’t think the solution is to just erase normal beauty standards and tell everyone they look incredible and think that’s going to solve the problem.  First off, there are usually deeper psychological issues as to why we gain weight (or become too thin) that need to be addressed, and encouraging someone toward denial is not being compassionate.  It’s actually prolonging their recovery into a healthy mentality about themselves and their bodies.

I named this blog “The Fit You,” because that’s exactly what I want women to think about.  I’m not necessarily talking about being “thin,” or even being at a certain “target weight,” for yourself, but rather the concept of being “fit.”

Imagine if you were able to get rid of the excess fat on your body that made you hate how you look in your own clothing?  Imagine how you’d feel so differently if you were physically stronger, had more muscle tone showing in your pictures on facebook, had more energy throughout the day, and were surprised how much better your face looked in pictures without the excess weight or water retention distorting your natural God-given looks?  Whether we want to admit it or not, these little things bother us more than we even know on a psychological level, which eventually… contributes to our overall happiness with our lives.

I’m speaking from my own experience here.  I’ve been very fit for probably 95% of my life, however, when I get off that track and have some significant pounds to lose, I become very aware when I don’t have the strength in my arms that I usually had.  Or the energy I had when I was regularly exercising.

I went back through our family pictures for the last year and a half, trying to mentally grasp how my body has really changed by adding 30 pounds and I was floored!  I realize some of you might think 3o pounds is nothing – but my body doesn’t hide fat well, and being overweight at all is not the norm for me.  I may be tall (which is an advantage when it comes to weight proportion, sorry short women! 😦 ), but my bones and frame are super tiny… this makes virtually any excess weight 10 lbs+ show up very quick, especially in photos.

My face changes so much when I’m overweight, and even if all these changes didn’t bother me much, the fact that none of my normal clothes fit psychologically affects me negatively.

Can women really learn to try to love the bodies they’re in right now?  I’m sure they can, but I think it’s more from them trying so long and failing so often at losing the weight, that they eventually give up hope of ever achieving their best fitness level and learn to accept defeat.  Then they go around angry at anyone who represents the fitness industry, accusing them of “fat shaming” simply by existing as a thin woman.  That’s not a good way to live your life.  We are all responsible for our choices, and it’s usually a choice to become fit or just accept yourself the way you are.  There are some women who insist they’re fit even though they have 100+ pounds of excess fat.

Where do we draw the line for defining fitness?  When can we be honest and admit when we’ve lost sight of what we really were designed to look like?  And more importantly, why on earth do we feel like we need to lie to people when we know lying to them will never help them solve their problems?

I think all of us to some degree, have to combat the tendency to lie to ourselves and tell ourselves that it’s not that bad.  But when we finally see that Christmas photo a relative took of us when we were caught off guard, sometimes the truth hits us like a ton of bricks!  And we’re faced with the awful reality that bursts our bubble of denial that we thought we really didn’t look that bad.

But why do I want you to think about the fit you?  Because it’s great motivation and is almost always achievable baring medical conditions preventing you from losing weight or exercising.  Professional and Olympic atheletes often imagine them achieving their success many times before they even get to their event.  This imaginging themselves succeeding is actually benefical even for their muscles!  It’s not that different when imagining yourself achieving different kinds of successes or events that take physical and mental focus and training.  When you imagine yourself as being fit, exercising, or even building muscle, you’re actually preparing your brain and muscles in your body for achieving that success.

And your happiness level will go up!  The “fit you,” is proud of herself and what she looks like.  She can go out in a bathing suit and feel proud of her body, is stronger than you are now, has more energy with her kids and husband, and feels good naked in the light!

Simply put, the “fit you,” is more free.

Remembering my fit self gives me incredible motivation because I remember how good it felt – how wonderful it was to feel so much more energetic and not have to worry about which clothing minimized my “problem areas.”  You really are so much more free – free to have fun, free from worrying over how you may look, and free from feeling confined in a body you’re ashamed of at some level mentally.

Don’t you want that for yourself?  Aren’t you tired of feeling like you hate the body you’re in right now?  Are you tired of feeling like you looked better 5 or 10 years ago?  You don’t have to accept defeat or to learn to love your body if it’s truly at an unhealthy state.

You can make some changes!  We can do it!  And I’m doing it alongside you.

❤ ❤ ❤



Fit & Pregnant Mommy

Mary Helen Bowers.JPG

I have a confession to make… I really dislike being pregnant.  I LOVE feeling the baby move, knowing we’re adding to our family, and having the wonderful, brand-new baby at the end… but the middle part of being pregnant for 9 months… not so much!

For those of you who are new to my writing, welcome to this blog!  This is a totally brand new blog that is dedicated to fitness and how loving the body you’re in changes your whole life.  I’ve been blogging for around 3 years at, so readers coming from over there, thanks for stopping by.  This blog will be wholly dedicated to all things fitness related though, so if you’re not interested, or don’t like seeing weight loss transformations of before and after photos in bikinis, this blog isn’t for you.

If you want to know why I really created this fitness blog, you can read all about it here where I talk about growing up in ballet and dance.  Always being trained by my parents to live a healthy and fit (thin) life, running track and cross-country in high school.  But… this past year some negative things happened and I ended up gaining around 30 pounds (of fat… sadly not muscle or anything good).  I had just created this blog and started to really get back to fitness when we found out we were pregnant (we were trying!), and so I’ve waited till now to really get it going with any content.

So for a few months, this blog will probably be focused around all things pertaining to pregnancy fitness and postpartum fitness.  Anything I find helpful or interesting will hopefully be posted here.  This is my 3rd pregnancy and so you’d think I’d have this thing down by now….   But I’m always learning for one thing, and everything got thrown off due to gaining those 30 pounds this past year… I’m at the same weight I was when I was 9 months pregnant with our first two children!  So my goals with this pregnancy is to keep trying to eat right, exercise well, and hopefully stay around the same weight (maybe gain a little) while gaining baby and losing fat.  We’ll see 😉

It’s been working so far, I’m at 14 weeks and about the same weight but showing already.  So apparently I’m losing fat at about the same rate as gaining baby (+ amniotic fluid, + placenta, + blood volume, etc.).  Overall it doesn’t really matter too much, the main thing is keeping the baby healthy and focusing on losing the weight post partum.  But due to having 2 prior pregnancies, I understand intimately how hard it can be if you gain too much weight – it only makes it take that much longer to get rid of postpartum!

So if you’re interested, keep coming back for videos, my recommended exercise trainers, and facts about gaining muscle and losing fat.

Thanks for reading ❤


Image: Mary Helen Bowers, creator of Ballet Beautiful, trainer of Victoria Secret models for years, & one of my favorite people to train with via DVD