Hypothyroidism & Weightloss

A lot has happened for our family in the last month or two, regarding fitness.  We found out we were pregnant in late May. We were so happy, didn’t tell many people at all, just a few friends and family, but we did tell the kids and tried to get them psyched up for a new baby.

Then, I miscarried 😦 which I have done once before (right before our 2nd oldest back in 2014), so I should’ve known to have waited a little longer, but the signs seemed like it was a strong pregnancy, and we just got carried away with the excitement.

Then I got bloodwork back that indicated I have Subclinical Hypothyroidism (which is also known as, “mild thyroid failure,” here’s an article that goes into more depth).  Subclinical hypothyroidism actually causes more miscarriages than normal, because of the lack of sufficient thyroid hormone to sustain a growing pregnancy.  It was honestly devastating to find out that I was the cause of not being able to give our two miscarried babies the nutrients they needed.

We got pregnant again right away, however, and I have both my primary and ob doctors helping me through this, monitoring blood levels, etc.  At our first official 6 weeks ultrasound, the baby looked fine, and we could see it’s beautiful heart beating like a butterfly!  Realistically, we could still miscarry, I’m not being medically treated as of right now to prevent miscarriage (because my blood levels started improving due to I suppose the minor changes I started making).  I feel pretty horrible physically, much worse than any of the other pregnancies (which is interesting), but at least we know what’s going on and maybe what to do long-term.

This wasn’t a surprise really, I’ve known intuitively my thyroid was slower than an average person’s just from having many of the symptoms.  This past year I’ve tweaked my exercise and eating habits toward what women with hypothyroidism are counseled to do, and it helped with weight-loss dramatically.  My mom and her mother both had/have full-blown hypothyroidism, so there’s an underlying genetic component that’s hard to beat.  My mom actually has the autoimmune disorder type, called Hashimoto’s, where your antibodies attack your thyroid, and it’s been a hard journey for her in figuring out how to keep it in check.

I found some GREAT videos online from a San Antonio woman who has Hashimoto’s and runs a popular blog on fashion/lifestyle.  She’s done a lot of good research, and has figured out a way to successfully manage this disease. ❤




From an expert she interviewed (this is such a great video)!






Ultimately, I trust God allows things like this in one’s life, and I’m fully surrendering to whatever His plans are for this new baby.  If He takes it again, I’m going to accept that.  I don’t have all the answers obviously, but even in grieving I know He’s good, and that He allows suffering in this world as part of how we chose a fallen nature when Eve ate that apple.  Part of the free choice He gave us involved us choosing to let evil enter in, and by it touching everything that was supposed to be good, holy, and a blessing.

Here’s to faith.  And to a God who is both good and wonderful, yet all-powerful and overwhelming in His ways.